New Home Boiler Checklist

Ideally, when initially viewing a property you will have had a quick glance at the boiler, to gain an idea of the current heating situation. Though if you have not yet had this opportunity, we would highly recommend carrying out a thorough check of your boiler alongside the other components of your central heating system as soon as you move into your new home using our guide below.

What you need to know

The Location
You will firstly need to identify the location of your boiler. If this is conventional, you will also need to check on the water tank and stop cock.

The Type of Heating System
Most homes in the UK are fitted with combi boilers which do not require a storage tank or a water cylinder. They provide instant hot water, though using more than one set of taps at once may cause a reduced pressure through your home. There are also systems which are known as ‘sealed’, these use a ‘system’ boiler which also requires a water cylinder. They allow you to run numerous taps at once, however only a finite amount of hot water will be obtainable before the cylinder needs to refill. Conventional boilers, as mentioned above require a water cylinder but also a storage tank. Similarly to in sealed systems, a finite amount of water is reachable until the supply needs to be refilled – however these are usually found in larger properties as much more water can be accessed initially.